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Health Insurance

Individual fee packages are applied by each insurer. Please ask reception for further information about your insurers’ charges. 

All major health insurance providers recognise the  physiotherapists consulting at Physiocentric. Patients should always confirm the terms of their policy with their insurer before coming to their first appointment. The timing and method of referral must comply with the insurer’s policies.

Health Insurance Excess

Patients should settle any insurance excess within 7 days of notice being sent.

Authorisation Numbers

Insured patients are asked to bring insurance policy  and authorisation numbers to the clinic at their first visit or within 7 days.

Direct Payments from Insurers

Physiocentric will seek payment directly from the insurer if patients are covered by a recognised insurer and  have provided the appropriate policy details to the clinic. This will be done for 2 months following treatment. If payment has not been received by this time, patients will be asked to settle account within 7 days. They will then need to pursue their claim with their insurers. Physiocentric cannot be held responsible for the non-payment of claims and patients are ultimately responsible for payment of their accounts.


Debts which remain outstanding 3 months after the appointment date will be passed to a debt collector and any costs incurred must be met by the patients (typically a 40% surcharge on outstanding debt).

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us at or call us on 020 8879 3608.


NOTICE Regarding Nuffield Health

Has your insurer referred you on to Nuffield Health?

Please be advised that we are not currently under contract with Nuffield Health & therefore we cannot accept NEW Nuffield referrals at this time. 

We want to assure all of our patients that you & your healthcare is our primary concern. Our commitment to ensuring our patients have the best possible treatment outcome is paramount.

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