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Geoff, you have done an absolutely splendid job on my right shoulder, I am thrilled with the amount of movement that I have and of course I am delighted to say I am pain free, even in this cold, damp weather. It feels like a miracle, thank you so very much. All being well, I hope to have surgery on my left shoulder in January and eventually will be returning to you please!

Geoff, thank you so much for all your help in sorting out my back problems in the summer. I cannot praise Physiocentric and your professionalism highly enough in getting me back on my feet and returning my life to normal so quickly and so well. Thank you seems inadequate - you deserve a medal!

I hadn’t been to this practice for a number of years but was always impressed with treatment. This time I was suffering from persistent discomfort in my right leg below the knee when walking/running. The problem was diagnosed as due to an irritated nerve, and not considered a long term issue. Since my visit, the condition has improved.

Richard Angus
Chris was excellent at strengthening my knee and getting me running again. Very friendly and safe service at their Hinchley Wood office.

Ian F
Very personable staff and professional service. Chris was confident and reassuring when explaning my issues and how to recover. He set out a clear plan which is currently and consistently reducing my back pain. Highly recommend.

Anonymous Google Review
I’ve been to a few Physios before, but nothing compares to physiocentric. Chris, my physio is so attentive and actually takes the time to listen and to create a tailored plan to suit my needs. After 3 weeks, my leg pain is feeling much better and I look forward to continuing my treatment plan. I would definitely recommend this clinic, they don’t make you feel just like another number, they actually do take the time to work with you to get you back into shape. I don’t feel rushed in my sessions, as I have previously done with other physios.

Denise D
Six months after a hip replacement I was still experiencing pain, which the surgeon diagnosed as ‘iliopsoas irritation’. He offered to refer me for a steroid injection which I really didn’t want, and decided to see what physio might accomplish. Although I was already exercising Caroline really got me working. “Activate those glutes!” is the mantra. It took a few months of consistent work, but now I’m just about completely pain free and back to all my usual activities, even including hill-climbing on holiday in Scotland.

Helen T
Professional, detailed & effective consultation, despite having to be done over Zoom video link. Chris' deep knowledge & ability to finely diagnose through careful questioning & demonstration meant a very successful consultation.

I had major shoulder surgery six weeks before the Coronavirus lockdown, so the loss of access to my physio was a real concern because, without it, I would not have been able to recover the strength in my arm. I was also concerned that I might inadvertently set back my recovery by not exercising safely & not realising it. And fear of trying new things would have held me back. So, Physio-by-Skype has been marvelous. I attend scheduled appointments at pre-arranged times which my insurer, Bupa, is happy to cover. I demo the improvements I’ve made to my physio, Jane Hewitt, and tell her where I’m having difficulty. Through the two-way video link, she can see where I need to tweak my exercises. She also demos new exercises to me and sets new targets. Afterwards, she emails me a detailed plan with the new exercises on it. I have made a much stronger recovery through my Skype appointments with Jane supporting & encouraging me than I could ever have on my own. Video appointments are miles better than no physio at all & give opportunities for other benefits. For example, when I was preparing to return to work, Jane looked at my home office setup & suggested several ergonomic improvements. This was a real added bonus thanks to the video appointment.

Caroline: I found our consultation to be effective & have booked again for 3 weeks time. I am fortunate in that I am quite progressed in my treatment & whilst I would also benefit from tissue work, I could get by with the exercises you have outlined for me. I certainly would recommend to a friend.

The video session with Caroline Curtis worked very well. She was able to see what the problem was by the way my son was doing the exercises she asked him to try. She gave him a comprehensive exercise plan & showed him how to do them. We feel positive that they'll work. I would definitely recommend a virtual session.

I was initially concerned that it would be too difficult to have my consultation by video. However, I was pleased at how smoothly and effectively the video consultation went. It worked really well. So I’ll be carrying on my regular physio sessions with Caroline over video. Thanks to Caroline Curtis and Physiocentric for being so flexible.

Anand Shukla
I had blocked my neck & my pain levels prevented me from carrying on my day to day & taking care of my baby. I managed to book a video appointment for the following day. Thanks to the camera, I was able to show Caroline Curtis where I was sore & my mobility limitations, & following her guidance, she was able to properly assess my situation. She provided me with clear exercises to do & tips to help quicken recovery & manage pain. I was sorted in just a few days, without leaving my home. A lot can be shown & done through video appointments, I highly recommend them!

Caroline Delacroix
I am in the Covid 19 shielding category & unable to exercise outside . Using video conferencing , Chris Smith demonstrated a bespoke rehab plan of exercises , & emailed their attachments. My fears of losing both my strength & fitness during this crises have now been totally allayed .

Geoff van Klaveren is a wonderful physio. I've seen him for back problems & on each occasion he's provided me with excellent treatment & fixed the problem. I recommend him highly!

Henry Windeler-Cohen
When I moved to London I had had an ankle problem for 6 years. I had seen 3 different physio's with varying success on improving the problem but with no long term improvement. My father-in-law then recommended Physiocentric, so I tried them out & the physio had diagnosed the problem within 5 minutes & had solved it in 5 sessions with exercise in between! They have kept me in sport ever since, I couldn't recommend them highly enough!

CT Smith
Jo Fordyce was very encouraging. I did not think there was anything I could do to improve & was determined to go for surgery. But she showed me clearly what to do & was very reasonable with how I could fit it into my life. I can see that I have made good progress & I don't think I'll need surgery.

Caroline Curtis is professional, caring and knowledgeable.

John Taylor
I have been seeing Jo Fordyce for approximately 4 months & I can honestly say it has been the best thing I have done. She is very easy to talk to & extremely knowledgeable & helpful. She has helped me physically & mentally & for that I am really grateful. All the staff at the practice are really helpful & accommodating.

I came to see Jo Fordyce after the birth of my baby boy. She did a thorough check and worked with me on pelvic floor rehabilitation over the course of 12 weeks. I am very blessed and thankful for the results that we have achieved and will continue to follow her advise for exercise & diet. I would highly recommend her for new mums!

The Joy Walter Clinic/Physiocentric has been treating King's College Wimbledon's pupils and staff for many years. Their level of expertise and technical knowledge is second to none and they have time after time got our sportsmen and athletes back doing what they do best. From the first time you walk through the door, you are blown away by their attention to detail. Tremendous care is taken over the diagnosis and it is explained carefully and fully. When treatment begins, every step is examined to put the patient at ease. Post treatment exercises and recovery plans are well thought through and help to speed up the process. Knowing how conscientious and how expert the clinic is, and also how hard they work to accommodate the appointments of the busy pupils and staff, I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone needing physiotherapy.

James Clarke (Deputy Director of Sport, Head of Junior Rugby)

King's College Wimbledon

I first started coming to Physiocentric after the birth of my second child, suffering from acute back pain and a variety of other aches! My dream was to try to return to a sport that I had given up 6 years earlier - fencing - but was worried that the combination of age, legacy of previous injuries and 2 children meant that this wasn't realistic. With the help of the Physiocentric, 18 months later, I was back into the top 3 in the country and qualified for the 2010 World Championships. Geoff and the team have done a fantastic job helping me on my journey back into sport. Along the way my body has rapidly changed, bringing different and new physical challenges into the equation. Now working to prevent injury is (thank goodness!) becoming more and more important. 2012 saw me win the British Championships and in 2013 I became the European 40+ Champion.

Georgina Usher (GB Fencing Champion)