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The Joy Walter Clinic/Physiocentric has been treating King's College Wimbledon's pupils and staff for many years. Their level of expertise and technical knowledge is second to none and they have time after time got our sportsmen and athletes back doing what they do best. From the first time you walk through the door, you are blown away by their attention to detail. Tremendous care is taken over the diagnosis and it is explained carefully and fully. When treatment begins, every step is examined to put the patient at ease. Post treatment exercises and recovery plans are well thought through and help to speed up the process. Knowing how conscientious and how expert the clinic is, and also how hard they work to accommodate the appointments of the busy pupils and staff, I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone needing physiotherapy.

James Clarke (Deputy Director of Sport, Head of Junior Rugby)

King's College Wimbledon

I first started coming to Physiocentric after the birth of my second child, suffering from acute back pain and a variety of other aches! My dream was to try to return to a sport that I had given up 6 years earlier - fencing - but was worried that the combination of age, legacy of previous injuries and 2 children meant that this wasn't realistic. With the help of the Physiocentric, 18 months later, I was back into the top 3 in the country and qualified for the 2010 World Championships. Geoff and the team have done a fantastic job helping me on my journey back into sport. Along the way my body has rapidly changed, bringing different and new physical challenges into the equation. Now working to prevent injury is (thank goodness!) becoming more and more important. 2012 saw me win the British Championships and in 2013 I became the European 40+ Champion.

Georgina Usher (GB Fencing Champion)