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Home Visits

Some patients may be too elderly or too poorly to attend the clinic. They may be  unable to use public transport or taxis or rely on a relative to travel to a clinic. Travelling to and from the clinic may also be detrimental to the efficacy of the treatment they will receive. The answer? Home visits.

Home visits

These allow our physiotherapists the opportunity of assessing patients in their own environment.  The specific problems they may have as a result of their condition may be identified and addressed.  Treatments are provided in the privacy of the home, care home or nursing home, and can restore patient’s independence. Many conditions are suitable for home treatments.


  • Post-operative conditions e.g.  hip/knee replacement surgery, spinal surgery.
  • Neurological conditions e.g.  Stroke, Parkinson’s, MS.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions e.g. Acute back pain and fractures.
  • Respiratory conditions e.g. Chest infections, COPD.
  • Loss of/decreased mobility, function and falls

Some patients may not require physical treatment but may be helped by having a home assesment. This ensures that their home environment is as safe and functional as can be. By advising on issues such as ;

  • Chair height
  • Toilet height
  • Shower/bath accessability
  • Removal of cables/rugs (to reduce chance of tripping)
  • Hand rails and grab rails
  • Bed position

the home environment can be made as safe and accessable as possible. Mobility issues can be properly assessed and addressed when a patient is seen in their home. Being able to walk. sit and stand and manage stairs in a clinical environemnt is one thing. Doing this at home is another. There is a limitation as to how far our physiotherapists can travel from the clinic. Please see the list of post codes we can travel to by clicking here 

For further information about home visits, charges and  areas covered, please contact the clinic on 0208 879 3608 or by email at