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Video and phone appointments are now available at Physiocentric

Physiocentric has launched an online physiotherapy service to support our clients during this uncertain period. This is to minimise disruption to treatment and recovery for people who are unable to attend our clinics.

This service is available to both new and existing clients, and if you already have an appointment booked to attend the clinic, this can easily be switched to a remote one.

You can have the appointment with the physio of your choice, and all calls are made via secure links.

This is available to both insured and self-pay clients.


How will it work?

Just like with any appointment, your physio will take a detailed history, assess your movements and problems, and provide you with a diagnosis where appropriate.

You will be able to demonstrate activities and movements that cause you difficulties or pain, and the physio will analyse what might be causing the issue, whilst discussing with you what can be done to help.

An individualised treatment plan will then be created for you, with images and/or videos of appropriate exercises emailed to you after your appointment.