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What type of treatment techniques might you experience?

Our therapists believe that every person they assess should be treated as an individual, ensuring that your expectations of treatment are met fully. As a result, we don’t offer non-specific ‘prescription’ treatment programmes. We will assess your problem in depth, identify any contributing factors, and provide a course of treatment designed to help you reach your recovery goals.

Our physios are highly motivated, and love the challenge of helping their patients recover, so whatever your condition you can feel confident that we will work with you to resolve it.

As the patient, you are the focus of the treatment, so we will ensure you understand the causes and nature of your injury, and wherever appropriate will provide you with an individualised exercise programme to prevent it from coming back!

Our team’s skill set is vast, so there are many different techniques that might be used during your treatment. As a guide, you may be offered some of the following: