The Wimbledon Club: 020 8879 3608  |  Hinchley Wood: 020 8398 5588

Your first visit

We want to ensure that your first visit is as smooth and relaxed as possible, so please bear in mind the following advice:

Be prepared

For your first vist and subsequent visits parking is very limited at Physiocentric Wimbledon. Patients are advised to allow time to park in neighbouring streets to get to their appointment on time. At Physiocentric Hinchley Wood parking is much better and there is also parking in neighbouring streets. We also advise that you arrive 5-10 minutes earlier than your appointment slot. This is to allow time to complete a simple registration form. To complete our form you will need your GP/Consultant referral details, your insurance details, if you will be claiming for your treatment.

First visit

Your first visit will usually take up to 30 minutes. Women’s health and post surgical hand therapy will be an hour long appointment. During this appointment your physiotherapist will take a full history of the condition. They will perform a physical examination and explain the diagnosis and treat accordingly. We will usually give you some estimation of how long the condition should take to get better and how much more treatment we recommend.


You will almost certainly need to undress for the physiotherapist to examine and treat you.  Please come dressed apprpriately for your condition and the appointment. You may prefer to bring a pair of shorts you have a knee problem. For a neck and shoulder examination a vest top may be appropriate.

Being accompanied

Some patients may be anxious or nervous and  may like to have a relative or friend accompany them at their appointment. This is not  a problem.

Completion of first visit

Once your appointment is completed you may be  required to make further appointments. This can be done at  reception.

Please call us if you require further information on any of these matters.