Wimbledon Village: 020 8879 3608  |  Hinchley Wood: 020 8398 5588


Serena Stubbs is a Clinical Specialist Orthotist, with special interest in the lower limb (knee, foot and ankle conditions).

Clinical orthotic services provided by Serena include:

  • Biomechanical Assessments: A comprehensive assessment of walking/running which combines a clinical examination and gait analysis with the aim to improve functional awareness and (if applicable), she will formulate a foot orthotic prescription and provide footwear advice.
  • Sports knee bracing for ligament or cartilage injury: Serena has extensive experience assessing and fitting carbon-fiber knee braces for support and protection during impact sports such as skiing.
  • Osteoarthritis unloader knee bracing is a growing area with the improved design and technology of today’s braces, many OA sufferers are able to remain active for longer with reduced pain and improved function.
  • General orthotics (selected upper limb and spinal bracing).

To make an appointment please email serena@serenastubbs.com or call her on 07818 026 913.