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Strength & Conditioning

Perform: Fitness:

Provides a comprehensive professional conditioning and rehabilitation service which will enhance your physical development and performance as well as your reconditioning and rehabilitation after injury. The training, rehabilitation and conditioning methods used have been tried and tested in an elite high performance environment and are now available for professionals and amateurs alike.

Strength & Conditioning compliments an injury management package that your physio may provide as a result of an acute or chronic injury or you may require a conditioning programme to help you reach your goals, from a 5k run, 10k run, marathon or team sport pre-season preparation, as well as health related benefits, like lowering blood pressure, for stress relief or for weight management.

The role of a strength and conditioning specialist is to use exercise prescription specifically to improve performance in athletic competition, body conditioning and fitness, as well as with injury prevention.  It is about making the client more resilient and robust: to make them stronger and more able to cope with the physical demands placed upon them.  This could be having a baby, walking or climbing a mountain or just day to day activities.  This concept of training and becoming more robust is especially important after injury, when detraining may have occurred, which may lead the individual becoming more susceptible to injury again in the future once returning to activity or sport.

A well designed strength & conditioning plan will increase training tolerance, reduce pain and generally help you achieve your physical goals.   Mental health benefits from being physically active, adding a sense of wellness and self-esteem are also well documented via physical activity and effective exercise prescription.

Perform: Fitness: provide an individually prescribed conditioning and reconditioning service to ensure that you achieve your physical targets and rehabilitation goals, whatever they may be.

This is a bespoke service, so please contact Alex Reid  on 07739 186 501 or email her at alexreid@performfitness.co.uk to discuss your needs further. To find out more about Alex, see Alex Reid or visit http://www.performfitness.co.uk