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Physio-led Pilates

Physio-led Pilates is provided at Physiocentric by our partners Dynamicore Physiotherapy. A team of specially trained physios working in our onsite studio.

Developed by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), Pilates is based on a set of principles which exercise the whole body. This is achieved through a range of mat and equipment based exercises. Pilates focuses on postural correction and flexibility. Exercises are designed to encourage the correct activation of deep postural and stability muscles in co-ordination with breathing and limb movement. For this reason Pilates positively changes and reshapes the body if practiced correctly and regularly,. Consequently it is the perfect complement to other types of training, and for this reason many athletes and sportsmen now incorporate it within their training routine.

Physio-led Pilates

Physiotherapists guide each client  through a progressive Pilates programme based on ongoing assessment. Subsequently by modifying movement, posture and physical function we aim to improve each individual’s well-being. We provide clients with the opportunity to learn about their bodies as they will have a better understanding of how to cope with their physical daily demands with ease and without pain.  For this reason we provide clients with appropriately prescribed, well coached exercise sessions in conjunction with a home exercise programme. We also advise clients on ergonomics at work and suggestions on positive lifestyle adjustments. As a result we believe this holistic approach allows clients to achieve positive life changing outcomes.

Is it for you?

We see a  wide range of individuals at Dynamicore.  Those with acute or chronic pain, or are pre and post surgery, pre and post natal, sports participants of all levels. Likewise some are those who just aim to get stronger or improve their fitness. Our Physiotherapists communicate closely with consultants, sports physicians and other physiotherapists. As a result this ensures all clients experience completeness and continuity of care.

What do we do?

At Dynamicore, we have a Reformer, Cadillac, Split-pedal chair, Spine-corrector barrel as well as other pieces of exercise equipment. Our excellent range of Pilates apparatus makes it easy for us to challenge clients with exciting and progressive programmes  incorporating a large variety of exercises. Our well appointed studio provides a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn and practice. We offer private (1 to 1), semi-private (1 to 3) and circuit classes (1 to 5), aimed to support our clients’ personal requirements and appropriate to their level of their Pilates experience.

For more information or to book an appointment please email info@dynamicore.co.uk or call 07934 362 280.