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Isokinetic Testing

The Wimbledon Village clinic boasts the fantastic facility of the Cybex Isokinetic Dynamometer, a hi-tech device used for muscle testing and rehabilitation. The isokinetic equipment allows us to evaluate strength, endurance, power and range of motion of all major joints and muscles, and provides highly detailed results of their performance. These results can then be used to determine the specific areas/deficiencies that need improvement.

Our dynamometer has been frequently used to assess many elite International sportsmen, but is available for all patients requiring assessment of this type.

The equipment is frequently used to compare the strength of a limb post-injury in comparison with the non-injured side. This allows us a detailed analysis of how rehabilitation is progressing. A common example is the assessment of a knee after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, and provides valuable information used to guide a safe return to sport/work.

A one hour session is required for isokinetic assessment, and a follow-up session will usually be recommended at a later stage.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us at www.physiocentric.co.uk/contact or call us on 020 8879 3608.